Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wedding @ Johor

spend my weekend attending a wedding at JOHOR due to lack of people, i volunteer to go.. the journey is fun because we were convoing to JOHOR with 4 cars. we had lunch at MELAKA it is fun... n tireing. we arrived at SIMPANG REGGAM at 6.30 so everyone just quickly freshing up and we went straight to JB to visit the family Grave and went shopping and dinner. reach home around twelve and start with our JOb with the hantaran and slept around 3. the next morning we need to wake up early cause the "nikah" is at 10. and the party is at 2. with only one lafaz the bride and groom legally became a husband and wife. the brides amke up is okay!! then we went back to bathe and change.OH MAN!! it is DAMN hot!!! aroung two we are ready for the ceremony . something interesting.the groom is a frined to the bikers. so the escourt for the wedding is a dozen and more of bikers ..imagine bikers inside kampung..amazing.i was so amaze .. we ate lunch and went straight back t0 KL. slept at pagoh if the name is right... and continue our journey. we got lost on the way home, our smart tag is lack of money and when we went through it got stuck.just reach damansara n maybe going back to shah alam late tonite.even though im tired i had lots of fun.

Monday, February 15, 2010


nothing much to do this holiday so i just do this stupid things to get rid of my bored:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Gift From Daddy

so delighted today.... suddenly daddy ask

daddy: hows your phone?
me: ok but not ok, kadang2 ok tp kadang2 x ok.
daddy: hurmm. then how am i going to give you this phone (n97)
me: papa nak bg ker.. xpe lynn jg betul2.
daddy: cause i got a gift the same one.. so u take this one.
me: y cant i have the new one??
daddy: want or dont want.
me: nak2.

hahahah dadddy going to give the phone before i go back to shah alam.. n97 u are my bestfriend.well mine is black.

Home Sweet Home

yeah!! a week holiday from MSU... i'm HOME safe and sound... miss my ma and dad so much.. tommorow we are going to have a thankful prayer to ALLAH for giving my parents a long live after what they have n=been through. m mum still has problems with her chest but.. i been a good durl and taking care of her.. im am so near to be ANAK YATIM PIATU... cant imagine if it happens.thanx Allah

Saturday, February 06, 2010

shocking news

both of my perents accident kereta di Merapuh tengahari tadi on d way to Kelantan.My dad was driving..ngantuk, kereta masuk gaung & landing terbalik. Wpun pengsan sekejap dia selamat but mama still sakit pd dadanya.It's a miracle ada org dtg tlg. Syukur kpdmu Ya Allah..mama dah check out Hosp.Gua Musang, 2mrow akan ke hosp. Perdana KB utk scan dada for internal injury...huhu please pray for her safety friends...

Thursday, February 04, 2010


haha this movie is great to watch with friends and family.. its been a long time since we all didnt went for a midnight movie that is me , alias, qiss, naufal ,nas and biya.. so we went to midvalley that nite. alfa biya's boyfriend come along . the movie is fun we laugh all the way long..hahahahaha

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


hahaahha its feels so great that i got a good result.. i got A- for my critical thinking.. it feels great after a hard of work hope i can do better in the final..... deans list here i come... thanx to ALLAH