Thursday, August 12, 2010


its been so long that i havent write on this blog..this is because i was so buzy with life, well let me give you a bit of look what happen in my life this few weeks:

  • im suffering a serious right leg pain due to my butt bone displacement which i need to to go for massage frequently and my operation has been postponed till 1 september. and i cant barely get up.
  • i've been missing lots of class lately due to the pain, which i need to take a lot of rest and decrease my walking.
  • besides that i also know that i have CYST. that is a small cancer in ovary.
  • i miss my baby boo so much.
  • we did a one day date and it was so fun.. we wacth a marathon movie, eat, laugh n fight,
  • exams exams exams, which i coudnt do most of it....
  • fasting month of ramadhan makes me feel a new me...