Friday, December 31, 2010


there are lots of memories and experience that i face in this wonderful year..but there are also terrible things and sad things happen this year... let me give you guys a look into my 2010 journey..


* having a blast birthday celebration with family (1st time)
* celebrate my 1st anniversary with my dearest ALIAS ISKANDAR
* Watch a 2 football match at BUKIT JALIL stadium (kelantan vs n9 and kedah vs n9)
* got a good result for my exam
* went on a lot of dates with my boo
* eat JHONNY'S for a week
* got a new phone from dad N97 mini
* got a britney spear original perfume from dad
* Got a brand new car (viva @ lullaby)


* know that i have a bone displacement n have a leg pain problem
* went for traditional surgery at KOTA KEMUNING
* went for cyst surgery but found out that i have a tumor
* have to use a wheelchair to move here and there
* cannot urinate like a normal person have to used a tube bag

this is just some of the things i remember during my 2010 years lets hope the 2011 will be a better year for me.. insyallah...

Monday, December 06, 2010

18 november 2010

my surgery................

a new member of the family

Hello!! my name is Princess GaGa

i love to sleep like this

my sad face

Friday, December 03, 2010

farewell Putrajaya

its been 7 years i spent my life here.i really love this place it is quiet,peaceful and theres no many cars and people. ive been here since form one and until i went to the makes me sad leaving this place cause i dream of live n die here( so dramatic).anyway packing was the house is empty.i mean no bed to lie chair to sit n no table n the most important thing is that there is no wanna watch ANTM.hahahah wish i could be one (mengada) missing college but also missing home..hurmmm...going to dengkil soon..hope it will be a new experience there.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


believe it or not.. i have drop 10kg within a month before the operation my weight was 55kg a yesterday i check my weight was 45kg.. man thats a lot of weight reduce..hurmm maybe its due to lack of eating n tension....even though it is my dream to drop weight until less than 50kg.but this doesnt make me happy at all it makes me sad seeing i have lost lots of weight..i have to eat a lot now