Sunday, April 25, 2010


I've been dreamin of having my own makeup.thats means the one that i bought for myself here are the pics of some of my make glad to buy it

the white one i bought with my boo he payed half of it.... the 4 in a box is the new one that i bought and the blaxk one is from my mom
thanx bloop,elianto, silky girl, maybelline n more thanx 4 shining my days

Friday, April 16, 2010



  • Hit Girl and Big Daddy's emotional last moment with each other. i almost cried :'(
  • Red Mist and Kick Ass dancing moment in the Mist Mobile.
  • Hit Girl in a school uniform..wait what?
  • Kick Ass saving a guy from a beating. the song played during this was cool.
  • Hit Girl's killing spree. and i mean all of it. from the one in Rasul's house to D'amico's building.
  • Hit Girl in counter strike mode. AWESOME!!!
  • The deaths in the movie, gory and cool at the same time.
  • A Jetpack? really?
  • A bazooka? really?
  • Masturbation at the beginning? errr ok i guess.
  • Buying a costume and a jet pack from the internet? hmm i have to try it some time.
  • Katie is just fucking hot..nuff said.
  • Red Mist.New Costume.
  • Kick Ass and Big Daddy getting tortured for the viewing of all people.
  • Big Daddy burns!!
  • Thursday, April 15, 2010


    hate it when im on menstrual.. cant even stand the i didint go for critical appreciation class because of that.. tommorow who knows?? tired a bit today n im damn bored.tommorw im going to watch kick ass with the click n take a lot of pictures.. lets go...

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010


    miss this soo goddam much

    well let the picture tells the story:

    class as usual

    woke up at 10 today n get ready to go to MSU cause i need to droop 1 subject and check who would be my next mentor.. and when i look at the notice board this name appeard MDM SHANTA.... hurmm who could she be?? then i went to the TESL department n search for MDM NIRMALA our HOD hahahahah n found our mentor there n miss sughantini..then me n alias went for breakfast at rafi. due to period pain i didnt finish my maggi gorent cause its too spicy then went straight to CRITICAL APPRECITION CLASS. today we learn about ODE ON A GRECIAN URN its nice.. u all shoul read it.. then we went for mentor mentee meeting at 4 and went for lunch at giant.. ate mcdonald there n it is nice.. went back n watch willy wonka n anne frank.. fun day today..

    p/s : chatting with kamal, n feel so hungry

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    again again n again

    after he pujuk me yesterday n for sorry he said that today after class we will be going to the curve.. but after class we went to eat with the click n went back cause he said he wanna take a bath then i waited for him for 2 hours and he didnt show up i worte messages n calles bt he didnt answer and suddenly he called n said sorry i forgot n i tidor sbb tired..........hurrmmm i know this thing x akan jd.. im so dissapointed with him... if he misses me i would anything for him but he wont do that to me..... geraammm thast wat i felt..... i would not forgive u this time..... im hurt.. dont make a promise when u cant fufill it n i hate waiting n some one who break promises


    im so damn happy. my sayunk come all the way here to pujuk me and he got me a letter which he wrote himself. how romantik thats my boy. here is what he wrote:

    dear bubu,
    my words seem pale and dull when i talk to you. my writing,expresses more authentic and undisguised emotion. im not perfect at this but i'll try. i love u baby truthfully i dont need a reason i fell in love with you burns my nostalgic memory.its give a sweet aroma whenever it lits up.ive made a lot of mistake in life and love but it still goes on and on i leave it at the feet of fate at times but i do hope thateverything is as i wish. so far im on the 'up' since with many tender moment with you the warmth of companion a touch of trust and a tinge of sexy figure that im always turn on with Grrrr.Reeeooowww. i had fights with you we did argue and we sulk always but never have my love deteriote or fall short to you i can see that in my own handwriting the different styles of each word much humour 4,my bubu even though i change my clothes my hair,my personality my looks my love will always remain true look above at my handwriting different at every stroke but all to one common language, that i love not perfect but when u are with me i am.beneath this big-abled body my heart was soften with you hands.this letter is to tell you that i really love u not lying your my MAIZATUL ADLIN my baby,my sexy,my bubu my friend and my lover XOXOXO from me baby love you

    istn taht you sayunk

    p/s: thanx

    Monday, April 12, 2010


    please lor.. u said that u wanna pujuk me but when u call where is it??? none u dont even pujuk me instead u just say its your fault n tell me that y im always demanding nu wanna burn the letter... what is this?? i dont understand what u were thinking... it is wrong to ask u out 4 dinner???? i mish u thats y i want to go out with u but since u buzy i x kisah but cancel it early not when im already ready.... then all i want u is too pujuk me just pujuk... i nak jugak jd awek2 laen yg bf dieorang pujuk but with u i did the opposite just me yg pujuk n i will never get to be pujuk cause u will never pujuk youe ego is too high to pujuk someone or u just dont know let me tell u:

    pujuk is when u say ure sorry. u being romantik n nice..nit the one who blame himself n keep quiet that it not pujuk n not even closed sometimes i wish u could pujuk me so that i feel like other gursl too.. im so tired of pujuk u always.......plssssssss

    Monday, April 05, 2010

    SeM 3

    hey bloggie, sem 3 just started and theres lots of bad news, we are supposed to take 3 subjects that are :

    educational psychology
    critical appreciation
    english teaching methods

    but unfortunately we need to drop educational psychology. and we lost our beloved mentor.she resinged for a better job. im so sad. hope i get a good mentor same as her. And the gud news is we will be moving to the new campus soon. cant wit. first batch babe!!! and really im so happy that the sem 3 is startting cause i cant wait to learn.. and i really hope my result for previous sem increased caused i thought i did well.... but only god knows.

    p/s: were are all in the same class again :)

    Sunday, April 04, 2010


    dear bloggie.. today i am so happy cause i got to spend the whole day with my pumpkin. he went all the way to putrajaya by TRAIN just to see me.. see??? he really loves me.. then we shoot off to NASI BERIYANI GAM around two. his favourite place. then later we went to alamanda to watch KL DRIFT 2. since i already watch the first so i wanna watch the second. but when we reahced there the lie was so long so we went karaoke for a while we sang about 10 songs and the songs are


    theres some more but i cant remember then we went to play token. we played the dance, the car n the toy thingy.... im so happy...then we shoot off to play bowling n unfortunately we were put on a waiting list so after 1 hour waiting we played 3 games n i improved a lot.thanx to my baby 4 helping me.then we went dinner at the bowling restaurant. we were so damn hungry n later we went to check the GSC n it was empty so we went there and u know i saw my PLKN bestfriend. ARINA @RINA. so happy to see her n she gain weight but she lokks adorable..... then me n my sayunk watch the movie while eating mash potato. the movie was oddee fun n i love it but the heroin died so im quiet sad.. but im happy to got out with my boo.we shoot off to shah alam n hope to have a great time tommorow.

    Thursday, April 01, 2010


    hurrmmm osrry i didnt update the blog in a long time. this is because the free internet was gone n came back 3 days before i will go back to shah alam. so during the holiday theres no camworing n nothing happy or fun happens just the first weekend was my nephew birthday. that is YAYIN n the rest i just sat hime,slept,ate all kinds of food. driving around and TV.... watch lots of mives n wasnt a very cool holiday cause it is only one week i hope it would be atleast 2.

    p/s: update later... mish my pumpkin