Sunday, January 31, 2010


a holiday for three days in MEDAN INDONESIA. have a marvelous time shopping and playing at the TIMEZONE... it is very cheap here i manage to get lost of memories and the most important is good food..... its the best daddy hope JAKARTA will be BETTER..





Thursday, January 28, 2010

Home Sweet HOme

hahahaha it feels so great to be home after three weeks i didnt go bakc... wanna know something interesting. i drove all the way from S.ALAM to PUTRAJAY. thats a good job for me because i have no confident in drving,.. thanx a lot to ALIAS,BIYA NAUFAL & QISS for giving me the support......well this weekend im going to INDONESIA.cantw ait to be there.... need a so happy cause i wanna shop there... all the dress and shoes...hahhahha it would be lovely..


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


im having a very bad week.. its been 3 days that i got this allergy.. idk where it came from but it just happen after i ate UNAGI sushi and shave.... it tickle like hell... my toot and butt have a great sore.. everytime i bath or wash my toot. it gets tickle n very itchy.. just now went to the pahrmacy and bought a medicine when i wore it at the first time it tickle but after that its starts to get better.... but im really worried... hope the infection is not bad.. sorry didnt have the chance to go to class today.. i barely can move....

bloggies pray for my heal..... hope i get better before im going to INDONESIA this weekend

Thursday, January 21, 2010


went on a date and watch TOOTH FAIRY. its a nice movie and i love RANDY played the guitar.. its my favourite song of guitar hero all shoudl watch this movie cause:




Wednesday, January 20, 2010

B- for sociology

sorry bloggies cause i dindt have the time to write in.. im busy currently.. well i just want to drop off and say i got B- for my sociology that is 64/100. i was quite shock with m marks i thought i failed.. well thanx to ALLAH for helping me...

Saturday, January 16, 2010


hahahaha best sgt3 tgk movie nie..... wayang penuh siot .... lepas exam kita enjoy!!! aq, nas, biya, alias n naufal...NAS nak sgt2 tgk citer nie so kitaorg pergi... bapak best citer nie...semua scene lawak especialy the dialogue:

" i dont want banana grow two times" translate " xnka pisang berbuah 2 kali " hohoho enjoy sgt... gelak sampai pecah perut.........



oh no tommorow PRESENTATION paper.... GOD all notes is done but i dont read it yet... me nas biya cristina alias wok syahmi n aiman study at me biya n cris house... so i wrote all notes short notes... and me alias syahmi n aiman went to 2 store to find cc or potostate to copy it due too people ask for itttttt..... so all cc are closed so we went to syahmi palce too print it.. GOD pls... so tired have to do it for the QUEEN..... if not it will BURST.. ofcourse all of us are IT SLAVE.... but we get it done... thanx

Friday, January 15, 2010


hahahaha my first jumping photo attend with my housemates.. biya, n qiss... best we spend about 1 hours just to get the correct chot but we didnt... how sad.. but we manage to get some.. we even took pictures of shadows


Thursday, January 14, 2010


well im getting ready for the singing competition on the 23rd. the theme is 1 malaysia. i choose the song KURIK KUNDI by siti nurhaliza..BOY this song is long.. its about 4 pages long.. imagine i need to remember all the words.. but i love this songs.... cant wait to i need to remember the lyrics next the song n the dance moves.. im having problems with finding the minus one.. GOD hellp me..

sociology, critical thinking, and counselling

yeasterday i have a rough time with sociology today.... i know im gonna failed..GOD help me...but im so happy with my critical thinking...... n today is counselling n guidance... so hard n easy.. i dont know what i write just write......pls dont let me failed.. damn tired three days of no tenough sleep n my eyes lebam aready..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Im currently at BK studying sociology.. oh no..tommorow im having 2 paper.. i dont htink i can handle it... my heaad feels like blowing and i am so damn tired and tensen im not even half way through the study n critical thinking subject but im happ that my baby bought me some flowers.. i love it... thanx baby.


only God knows what the paper today is all about... it is the hardest paper that i could imagine.. but thanx GOD i can finish it..... im damn happpy n hope that i dont failed... well thats it

Sunday, January 10, 2010



Saturday, January 09, 2010

had fun.... night b4 my birthday........

hahahah so much fun today alias called me in the morning and ask me to follow him and he sis to a weddingt, so i just follow,, u know what we spent 2 hours searching for the place and end up having lunch at NASI BERIYANI GAM.... must try... then later we try to search for the place and found it.. after that we went to buy sate at SATE ABANG.. its ok... then later we went to subang at asian club and played cc... terrible thing happen i fell in the middle of the road.. the road was unstable...then we played CC and head off to play pool n fusball..I WIN I WIN!! act we were planning to study but last minute cancell.everyone hda a great time AMIRUL,ALIAS,KAK MARINI,NAUFAL,SYAHMI & AIMAN. but AIMAN look sad he seems to have problems.. i felt sad for him..AIMAN BE HAPPY OK!!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Seeing AMUK... he is great

im hungry so i treat Alias for dinner @ AIMAR CORNER the best char kuew tioa.... After that we went to seksyen 7 cause we want to find BUN-D BISTRO CAFE.. got lost on the way but my feelings knows the place.. n due to my lead.. its RIGHT!!!! hahah went we reach there i thought i can hear n see my cousin geek the BREAKFAST BAND..... but went we reach there thateres another band.. next we saw AMUK next to us..greeting the customer.. then i realized that it is its shop.....then he sings..for the first itme i saw n hear he sing live...WWWWOOOOWWW!!! DAMN GREAT VOICE..........

Thursday, January 07, 2010

HANG OUT.........

today we study again @ BK.. but this time the no increased........ there were NAS, BIYA, ALIAS, ME, AMIRUL, ATEN, NAUFAL, AIMAN,WOK & SYAHMI...... WE STUDY AND EAT AND HAVE FUN.............. it was fun long tiem we dont hang out/...... went back home @ 3

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

currently @ BK study.. PHILOSOPHY

im currently at BK.. hope u guys know what is it.. it is burger king.. currently im sti=udying philosophy for exam..crap its tearing my brain offff... im sooo damn tired and tensen.....GOD HELP ME.... im here with wok n alias.. must be wonder where are all the girls??? well some off them went out dating n some of them are sleeping... hihhiihi tidor jer.. jom belaja... hohoho gurau jer.... im damn tensen....... giler... x tahan... mcm nak meletupp.. esok nak g full class dri pagi sampai mlm n nak ambik slip... tidakkk bg aq rehat.... my birthday is on this sunday...n im sure i wont have a great time....

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

class as usual ends at 730 pm

damn tired... todays class was until 0730 pm... its late already.. got to rush and perform maghrib prayer and have dinner.. cristina is staying over my house but she went out datng!!!! im bored... ALIAS wne tout with his click and me..... doing the assignments and study and mandi together with my tira ayu n anies... a bit fun... damn tired n wanna sleep but at leats i nedd to study so todays subject is...... the lucky one is... COUNSELLING N GUIDANCE...

Monday, January 04, 2010


hari nie aq berjaya menyiapkan counselling punya assingment... rase seronok sgt.. mlm ni alias kata nak pergi date.... lepas habis kelas pukul 6 kami berdua terus bergegas ke JUSCO BUKIT RAJA. pada mulanya kami ingin tg wayang tetapi kerana wang yg tidak mencukupi kami hanya plan utk makan jer... tp alias tiba2 plan nak tgk wayang jugak.. so kitaorg beli tiket wayang.... cerita SHERLOCKS HOLMES..... sementara tunggu kami berdua pergi makan kat PIZZA HUT... sedap sgt dah lame x dpt mkan PIZZA HUT sejak mula sem 2 nie... aq habis 2 pizza dan setengah garlic bread.... lepas tue kami makan desert di BASKIT ROBBINS.. dan aiskrimnyer adalah aiskrim cinta kami COTTON CANDY & PRALINE N CREAM.... kami rush ke panggung lepas tu dan beli air dan pringles..sedap2.. tgk citer best
sgt tp ALIAS TTTIIIDDOOOORRR... dlm wayang siap berdengkur lg...pastu kami balik.. best thanx syg sbb bg date yg sgt best.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Hari yg penuh cabaran

hari ni adalah hari terakhir utk aq siapkan kerja counselling tetapi aq baru saja menyiapkan separuh..ini berlaku kerana aq tidak faham apa yg patut ku buat.... esok dah nak kena hantar.. arrrghh panik panik.. pada masa yg same aq tgh tersgt lapar... mcm x makan sebulan.. pergi 7 eleven jap beli stok makanan tetapi dpt beli snek jer.... xpe lor cukup utk alas perut...esok aq nak date ngn alias.. x sabarnyer.. aq sgt sayunk kat die.. i love u sayunk

Saturday, January 02, 2010


hari nie NEW YEAR... kat rumah x buat paper pun just study jer..minguu nie aq x balik rumah.. sbb exam dah dekat so kena prepare.....ari nie aq bgn makan online internet jap..update blog bace buku and buat kerja counselling... rindu sayunk aq sgt2.. k lor aq nak siapkn assingment jumpa lg.bubye

Friday, January 01, 2010


dah masuk tahun baru nie...... bestnyer... tp aq xkan lupa kenangan 2009.. banyak yg berlaku.. PLKN,GRADUATE SPM,UNIVERSITY, KAWAN BARU, ALIAS ISKANDAR DAN DUDUK RUMAH SEWA N DAPAT KERETA BARU... harap2 tahun ni akan jadi lebih hebat dan seronok...