Sunday, October 31, 2010

suddenly got the blogging thing back

its been a long tyme that i didnt update my blog.cause ive got the blog thingy failure..and rather than that im having problems with my health... nothing much happen to me just that been going here and there just to get me cured.. the latest i know that i have tumor somewhere in my stomach and in my butt bone and the name of my disease is malignant neurofibrosarcoma sacrum and the sickness is 1 in a 1000000. imagine that!!!! maybe my case is the first case in MALAYSIA .

well college life!!! im on vacation right now. a 1 month vacation and that vacation is used for joy at all... i want to got out watch the movies, bowling, karaoke.but i know it would be just a dream since im recovering from my surgery.. ill be back in college insyallah on the 20th of november if im well enough...if not ill be postponing my studies..


you cant never ever imagine what i felt few hours to my sugery at KPJ specialist in kajng..i was so damn scared n have a bad feeling about it..maybe i was just nervous.. then when i went to the operation waiting room this mr chinese guy gave me a medicine to calm me down..few minutes later i passed out without even entering the OPERATION THEATHER YET. hahha funny isnt it.but when i woke up it was like a bad dream i was in the middle of ICU room n in n EMERGENCY room.where they are putting wires around me and putting oxygen and tranfering blood was drip for me and so forth. i was panicking and i saw my mum,dad, along and abg hanif far away. iwask them what happen and no one replied.. i was so afraid thought i was going to die.. and started to scream WHAT HAPPEN?? DH BEDAH KE BELUM?? my mum replied : they cannot do it it to much bleeding so they are transfering you to HOSPITAL SERDANG. and i was like why?? inst here specialist??? infact the ambulance ride was like a big mess.. even im not 100% concious i have the gutt to hold to pedal since the ambulance is moving fast and im in a critical position. when we reached serdang hospital i was delivered to EMERGENCY RED ZONE..!!!! get it zone bahaya.. its like around 12.30 in the afternoon as i remembered. i saw.alias my sayunk, my family n auntie tipah.. that tyme i was still panicking and very thirsty but they dont allowed me to drink
.it feels like you are dying and like you havent drank 4 one whole year.i cried to the doc and ask them to give me at least a drip of water but they just watered my 11.20 pm they sent me up to the ward emergency for me to rest... and i was critical for 3 days..all i remember CHRISTINA CAME N NAUFAL CAME N MY SAYUNK ALIAS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE...all i want to say FUCK YOU SPEACIALIST KAJANG AND THE DOC WHO OPERSTE dont know what your doing then stop being a doc k.... someone can die.....hurmm anyway spent 1 week at hospital serdang,,... and the food YUCK!!!! awfull...i was so weak that tyme n even now...but this will be a memory for me.. an di hope n i beg that i wont go through surgery again..not like this.....

thats all for now!!!!!!tooodles

Friday, October 29, 2010

currently recoverinf from surgery

hey bloggie!!! long tyme no see.. im buy with my life right now curing from a surgery that was done on the 18th of october 2010.only GOD knows how freaky am i when the surgery was not successful n i have to be transfered to HKL and during my critical time i was alive.. i mean i was concious even though i cannot responds... ALLAH gave me life n i will not let HIM down..... im so glad but i know i have to go through the surgery again cause they found a tumor.a very rare tumor..like1 in a million hurmmm i redha for what i get but im not strong enough to handle it all by myself....