Monday, January 10, 2011

20 years of age (HAPPY BIRTHDAY)

most birthday girl or boy will enjoy this day where they can celebrate it with friends and family n beloved one i a bit unlucky this year to celebrate my 20 birthday in sick condition.the only wish i want is to get cured and get rid of my tumor thats been bugging me out since april last year..

but as a birthday girl im glad that ALLAH give me long life a let me see his world again and follow his will. i promise and i set goals of not betraying him anymore.. he help me alot in going through my first surgery even though it was a failure. and i know he will be always by my side watching me and helping me.Im starting to fall in love again but yet im not ready to wear tudung yet.slowly lah kan.i nak betul kyusuk sembhanyang n recite the quran alot and when my iman is back then i know im ready to wear tudung wihtout opening it again...... hope so..


im sad that i have to extend my semester what a great birthday present but im doing this 4 my best even though i cannot graduate n practicum with my friends but i know that i will do better if im well in my studies now i want to focus on my health n rest a lot

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