Saturday, January 08, 2011


HOSPITAL is like a second house to me now. i know that i will be spending time there more often then my home or college. i really miss going to college.i wanna stud but im not capable of it. been admitted to HKL is a lot of experience. seriously our PRIME MINISTER should change the HKL building its too old and freaky n scary..its like a dungeon. but the room i get is cozy a bit its like a budget hotel..but they have hot water for bathe so i bathe like 4 times a day. in my ward that is neuro6A, most of the patient have tumor inside their head but most of them doesn't show any symptom of pain n sick..they we so happy n not feel any pain like me. here i met kak rohaida she has tumor in her head but she didn't feel any pain at all best for her right. and i met hidayah she is younger than me one year.she had an accident and was hit by 3 cars and she survive but faces lots of nerves problems. amazing right. and the sad thing is that before i hav to go for MRI scan i saw the nurse brings a corpse. i was shock and thought did someone died and yes one of the critical patient pass away i was sad because in the morning when i was walking to get the clothes at the store i saw the patient was doing fine but weak but the next thing i knew she is dead. but its good she died on friday..terlepas azab kubur die....if i have a short life i wish to die on Friday n at mekah...well i have exam next week but too tired to study cant barely walk now.. n have to do another MRI cause the old one sucks....

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